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My Story

People ask me all the time "what made you decide to open a cupcake shop" and "weren't you scared with the economy and so many businesses failing right now", so maybe I can answer some of your questions...


I will start off by telling you a little about myself, my name is Jill Schilt, maiden name Jill Zachrich, I was born and raised in Napoleon, and graduated from NHS in 1998. I continued my education at NWSCC and graduated with a degree in Applied Business in 2000 and worked as a secretary, but it didn't stop there, I then went on in 2003 to beauty school and graduated in 2005, shortly after I married my husband Heath and together we had two little girls Audrey and Isabella. At the time I was doing hair I was only working 2 days a week, so I could be at home with my children, while I was at home I started baking cakes for a hobby. I can remember as a young girl baking in the kitchen with my Grandma, Delora Rickenberg, she taught me a lot of the tricks I know today. Even though she has now passed away and never got a chance to see me open my shop, I know she is smiling down, and every time I flour a cake pan, I will think of her.


After 5 years of doing cakes as a hobby, I started getting a lot better at decorating and started to make them for others, that is how I got started. After my girls were a little older and in school I began throwing around the idea of opening a cake shop, after all we really don't have anything like that in Napoleon. I knew I would be making custom ordered cakes, and most birthday parties or special occasions happen on the weekends, so what was I going to sell during the week? Cupcakes! From there I spent endless nights destroying my kitchen coming up with new cupcake flavors and ideas. It really was amazing to me how much the cupcakes took off, it was almost better than the cakes. Cupcakes were easy, we were never booked up with cupcakes, you could get as many different flavors as you liked, and people loved them! That is really how The Cakewalk Cakery began! I am very grateful to all of my customers and the people in general in Napoleon and even surrounding cities that have been so supportive and so glad we are here. It means so much to hear customers say how much they enjoy our cakes and cupcakes, it is very encouraging! Also to my family and friends who have been so supportive to me through everything, I am forever grateful!


So now you know how it all started but to answer the question if I was scared to open a small business in this economy? You know I never really thought about failure, I was sure no matter what happened, God was watching out for me, along with my grandma, and mother, and I am a very strong believer in what is meant to be, will be. Sometimes things don't always happen the way you planned, if they did I would still be doing hair or working as a secretary, but instead this fell into place and I can honestly say this is where I am supposed to be....


So this is my story, if can share anything with you I would say always hold your head up high, your never too old........or too young, dont give in to failure, and follow your dreams!


Best Wishes