The Cakewalk Cakery

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Some common question and answers you may have.

Do you deliver?

At this time we are no longer offering delivery services.

What kind of box will my order be in?

Depending on cake or cupcakes we will have them boxed a certain way, if you order over 4 dozen cupcakes, they will likely be boxed in a full sheet cake box, so please come with a cleaned out back seat or trunk, where they can lay flat, same as a sheet cake. If you order a two tiered cake it will likely be boxed in a box without a lid, so please have a flat surface to put the cake on, like the back of a SUV or van, or flat on the floor of your car.

Will the cake/cupcakes melt?

Neither cake or cupcakes are meant to be in excessive heat for long periods at a time, if you are unsure about them becoming too hot, keep them in the cooler or AC if possible. If left in the sun or heat too long the frosting can melt and therefor compromise the cake and decorations.

Where is the best place in the car to put the cake?

Cakes and cupcakes need to be placed on a flat surface while traveling, so please use a van, SUV or trunk (if it's not too hot) to put the cake and always support the cakes in the center when carrying them as they are heavy and will prevent the frosting from cracking. Always drive cautiously as our cakes are very moist and any sudden turns or stops could lead in a catastrophe. Also never leave them in a hot car for too long.

Do you have cupcake stands for rent?

We do have two large cupcake towers for rent, they are $50 to rent and you receive $25 back once it is returned the next business day we are open.

Can we bring in our own cupcake liners?

Unfortunately we cannot do that because our cupcake pans are not the standard size and they won't fit.

When will my cake be made?

We bake all of our cakes fresh and custom to your flavor and size, most cakes will get done the day of pick up or the day before. Most of our Saturday pickup cakes will be completed Fridays. However the cake will be just fine as long as it is not cut into and will still be fresh and moist for 3-4 days. If you are planning to wait longer than that to eat the cake, the next best option is to freeze it. If possible wrap the whole cake box in saran wrap and place in the freezer, take it out about 4 hours before the party. We will also wrap the cakes for you if you know ahead of time that you will be freezing them. They still taste delicious, even after freezing them!

Can I make changes to my cake order?

Absoultely! As long as it is 72 hours before a cake is due to be picked up. Flavors, decorations, sizes can be changed just as long as we have a 3 day notice. If we do not have your information, size, flavor and design by at the latest 2 days before being picked up, unfortuately we will not be able to do it. Please call us if you have any concern or questions with this, we may be able to work with you.