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Wedding cupcakes

We do offer wedding cupcakes which has become a popular alternative to the common wedding cake. Our cupcakes are $1.25 per cupcake over 60 cupcakes and we do offer delivery for wedding purchases of $200 or more, (within our delivery range of 18 miles). There is $50 delivery/set up fee or $25 fee just for Delivery only (no set-up), we do most deliveries in the mornings. If your unsure whether we can deliver to your venue, just ask, you can always pick the cupcakes/cake up if not.

What flavors can we choose?

 You can choose from any our cupcake flavors and as many flavors as you like! Some will have them customized to match their wedding colors, others keep them just the way we decorate them, both great choices. (There may be an additional fee for customized cupcakes)

Want something to cut at your wedding?

We can also provide a small 6" cake to go at the top of the cupcake tower to cut. Those cakes start at $20.

Need a cupcake Stand?

We have cupcake stands that are available for rent. We have a round and square stand. They are $50 to rent and you get $25 of that back once you return the stand on the following Tuesday. You must put the $50 down to hold the stand as we only have three.

Do you do wedding cakes?

We are no longer doing multi-tiered wedding cakes. We are still doing the cupcakes and a 6" cake to cut. Emaill Jill at for more details.